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Our Privacy Policy is located here:

And it further explains how we collect and use information from and about you when you visit our website, create an account with us, use our platform, or otherwise interact with our website and it's services.

This cookie policy explains more about how we use cookies and your choices concerning cookies.

1. What are Cookies?

If you would like the full story:

Is an excellent resource to consider reading up on.

Like most websites, at, we use cookies and similar technologies to remember things about you so that we can improve our services and provide you with a smoother and more convenient experience:

  • What are cookies? Cookies are small data files stored on your browser or device. They may be served by the entity that operates the website you are visiting which we will refer to as “first-party cookies” or by other companies which will refer to as “third-party cookies”. For one example, partners with third-party analytics providers such as Google™, which set cookies when you visit our website pages. This helps us understand how you are using our website and our Services we offer, so that we can improve everything we do to offer a better experience to you.

  • What are pixels? Pixels are small images on a web page or in an email. Pixels collect information about your browser or device and can set cookies.

  • What are web beacons? Web beacons are clear picture files used to keep track of your navigation decisions through a single website or a series of pages on a website or websites. They may be used in connection or association with cookies to better understand how you expire and interact with the pages, content or other resources on any given website.

  • What is local storage? Local storage allows data and information to be stored locally, meaning, non-remotely, on your internet browser of choice, or your personal device and includes an HTML5 local storage and browser cache.

2. What does use cookies for?

At, we use cookies for the primary purpose of saving you time and providing a better overall experience.

As an example, cookies allow us to recall and remember details about you specifically as an individual when you are using our website, this could be to save your username and password account details to login and this could also be for tracking your course progress as you make your way through the lessons and modules and move forward with our courses and programs.

We may partner with third party companies such as Google Analytics and, to use web beacons, pixels and cookies throughout our site to record, and keep track of pages that are viewed and response rates from emails opened that we have send out to our subscribers and customers via Here are some detailed specifics on the various types of “first party” and approved “third party” cookies used and served through our website along with “why” we’ve chosen to use these cookie options.

Examples of Cookies Used:

Cookie Category: Preferences — may use these types of cookies to remember your settings and preferences for example saving your username and password to sign in to your account you’ve created with us.

Cookie Category: Performance — may use these types of cookies to gather information about how you explore our services and features so that you can help us improve them. We may use this information to see which pages have more interest or less interest. Third parties we are partnered with that fall under this category are, a video hosting company and an email support desk service company.

Cookie Category: Analytics — may use these types of cookies to better understand and improve the quality of our services. We can use these types of cookies to gain an understanding of which features, pages and content are the most popular amongst are web visitors and customers, and vice-versa so we can make improvements. Third parties we are partnered with that fall under this category are, and

Cookie Category: Advertising — & our partners will use these cookies to deliver must relevant advertisements to the visitors of our website. And to track the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and objectives on our website. Third parties we are partnered with that fall under this category are Google/DoubleClick, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, ActiveCampaign.

3. Your choices with cookies

You have a range of options available to you, to control, limit or modify how we and our corresponding partners utilize cookies and other similar technologies, also including for advertising.

  • Although the majority of web browsers and web browsing devices accept cookies by default, their settings normally allow you to clear or decline cookies. If you turn off or “disable” cookies, however, some of the features of our services may not work or function the way we had originally intended.

  • To prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics, you can install Google’s opt-out browser add-on. Here is the link for that:

  • Google’s opt-out browser add on link:

  • You can opt out of receiving ads based on your web browsing history from our advertising partners, or just in general by heading over here: this website allows you opt-out of the cookies that may be stored in your browser.

  • European website visitors and users may opt out of receiving targeted advertising through the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance and the link for that is here:

  • To opt out of ads on Google, Pinterest, Youtube or Facebook that are targeted to your interests and histories, modify your Google, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook or Google Ads settings.

  • Check your mobile device for settings that assist you with controlling ads that display to you based on your engagement and interactions with the applications on your device. For example, on your iOS device, turn on or “enable” the “Limit Ad Tracking” option/setting and on your Android device, turn on or “enable” the “Opt out of Ads Personalization” option/setting.

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