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Gain a godlike level of business building awareness, change the source code of your current reality and build a business others
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Timeless and cutting edge business
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The power of one.

We have one purpose, one offer and one obsession.

Teach people how to build a long lasting business
that thrives, brings them joy, prospers from fair trade,
and grows their character into a higher version
to benefit not only themselves, but humanity as
a whole.

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To Succeed at Business, You Must Have An Offer Worth Offering

There is a panedemic problem in the 21st century which is the belief that you can start a business without having your own well-thought-out, research-backed, unique-offer that enhances and adds considerable value to other people's lives in an efficient & memorable “worth talking about” type of way.

People are falsely misled by others who sell “programs” that are meant to give them a “head start” on becoming a successful business owner. These individuals are never taught the truth about business which is: you must have your own unique solution to a poorly addressed problem that other people are consistently having, that you are passionate about solving.

Other programs give people false hope by offering only a fraction of the truth.

They tell people exactly what they want to hear but never what they need to hear if they truly want success. This is where we are different.

The “seed realization” that gave birth to this company and became it's mission & purpose is: to identify the importance of taking the time to build a great offer first. Which stops 99 out of 100 ambitious entrepreneurs dead in there tracks and this doesn't have to continue to happen!

A Long Lasting, Infinitely Improvable, Endlessly Scaleable,
Contagiously Loved Business Should Be Your Beginning, Middle & Endgame

And we will show you how to do it. Step by step.

We know that for the average entrepreneur, success always feels temporary.

It never feels permanent or long lasting and there are only seasons of good profits which are not perpetual. Most entrepreneurs stay stuck in this “feast & famine” cycle.

This is a correctable problem that get’s solved when a superior plan is put together and acted upon. Another problem entirely, is that many entrepreneurs may even have mixed feelings about what they did and said in order to achieve any success in the first place.

These crippling problems are all due to not taking the time to create & test a proper offer in a niche where there is a poorly addressed problem you are passionate about improving or solving.

When you pair the right offer with the right niche you can position yourself to have and experience vast amounts of success in the form of raving customers and clients who were waiting for a business or individual just like you to show up and handle their needs and desires the right way.

Can You Handle Success?

We carefully designed our training for entrepreneurs who are dangerously determined to have a serious change in their circumstances.

We spared no expense and went through pain staking levels and lengths to get this training program right, to solve such a huge wide-spread destiny-altering problem of business education deception & misinformation.

We believe we have succeeded, but as we teach the truth there will be others always seeking to dismantle it.

And that’s why we never rest, and continue to improve & upgrade our aware consulting program at light-speed to remain the most accurate & useful resource for business builders who seek astronomical, long lasting and permanent lifelong success.

We will show you how to inflict your will upon the world in a positive way to to improve the way things are done—  and simultaneously become rich.

How it works

We take a 4 step approach to help you stack excellent decisions together
to adjust your reality and alter your simulation— to build your dream business fast.

Cognitive Recalibration.

May the truth set you free. Facing your true reality and your true self can be a scary & daunting process. But when you emerge out the other side, you will become dauntless, remade and ready to take the right actions to gain new results at light speed.

Video Training & Action Steps Second to None.

We mean it. Set your expectations high and you will not be disappointed. Our crystal clear UHD 5k video training is designed to help you get results fast. This is done by helping you see the truth clearly and using that godlike level of newfound awareness to do the action steps necessary to reach your desired reality at light speed.

Get Your Specific Questions Answered
By An Expert Mentor On Our Weekly Calls

Have a specific issue or problem you would like to get directly answered by a person with highly relevant experience? Simply attend one of our weekly group coaching calls and raise your hand to get the answers, clarification or reassurance that you may seek.

Lifelong Access To Our Student Community That
Shares Constructive & Valuable Feedback.

Being around others who share their own experiences, wins, lessons, setbacks and solutions is a vitally important ingredient to creating permanent change in your own life. This community will motivate and inspire you to take relentless action to share your own lessons and successes.

The Key To Unlocking Your Greatest Potential

The key to unlocking your greatest potential & desired reality coincides with altering the destiny of other people by providing an offer that uniquely and effectively meets their needs & desires.

You will gain a sixth sense for detecting ways to continually improve the lives of your customers to continue to grow & scale your own profits.

Your fate is tied to the fate of those whom you help, whether the product or service or result you intend to offer is either big or small, expensive or cheap, physical or digital— the higher the positive impact you make on humanity as a whole, the higher the positive impact you will receive in the form of long lasting business success & growth as a human.

Our students are...

Aware of Everything,
And Stop at Nothing

Business Fundamentals & Foundations

Learn how to test different combinations of models, methods & markets to build the ideal offer that sets you apart from everyone else.

Product or Service Development

Learn the importance and steps to building the best fit product or service designed to shift the standards of the niche you select.

Clear Scientific Thinking

Learn how to set up and run experiments to gain valuable insights about your niche, your product, your ads & all that you do.

Moving at Light Speed

Learn how to move with godlike efficiency, speed and grace with every action & step you take inside and outside of your business.


Learn the inbound & outbound marketing methods that will catapault your offer into the market so your intended audience acts on it.


Learn why people do and do not buy and how to deal with any subtle or obvious objections over any channel of communication.

Internal Environmental Factors

Learn how identify and change your thoughts, feelings & emotions that delay your ability to make light speed progress.

External Environmental Factors

Learn how to identify and delete distractions, sour relationships and how to turn negative energy inputs into positive energy ouputs.

Demonstrating Customer Obsession

Learn how to identify the best interests of your target customers and how to support their desires & needs in a demonstrative way.

Building A Championship Team

Learn how to hire, train & manage contractors, or in-office staff to help you run, maintain & scale your business to new levels.

Websites, Funnels & Payment Processors

Build a Pay Per Click ready, all-device compatible, pixel perfect funnel in minutes using our proprietary & exclusive method.

Tax Preparation & Business Stuctures

Learn how to stay organized to keep clean books & learn the benefits of different business entity structures you can form.

Legal aspects of running a business

Learn the various in’s and out’s of the legal aspects of owning & running a long lasting, clean and viable business operation.

Creating Unlimited Time Freedom

Learn how to gain massive time freedom as you are building your business, even before you get your first client or customer.

Loving What You Do

Learn how to identify what you love to do and how to get accustom to putting in the hard work necessary to gain what you seek.

Our Students Get Life
Changing Results

365 Active Students

230 Documented Student
Success Stories

230 / 365 = 63% Reported A Significant Success Event

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Build A Long Lasting Business At Light Speed
That Solves A Problem,
Feels Right and Makes You Rich!

The Aware Consulting Program

  • Gain a godlike level of business awareness
  • Recalibrate your mind to control your reality
  • Build a business that is long lasting & predictable
  • Discover your model, market and problem to solve
  • Build & test & improve your offer successfully
  • Market & sell & scale your offer successfully
  • Achieve time freedom even before you land your first customer
  • Get rich in an ethical way that brings you happiness, at light speed
  • Leave a legacy and become a business legend if you so desire

Let Go of The Misinformation, Hype and False Promises and Instead
Build a Business You Are Proud of That is Consistent and Built To Last a Lifetime.

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Build A Long Lasting Business At Light Speed

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